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Traffic Building and Audience Building with Leveraged Traffic Marketing

Tech BD and team specialize in the use of Leveraged Traffic Marketing (LTM) to accomplish four important goals for Digital Media content creators and publishers:


  • Traffic building that can dramatically and predictably increase relevant traffic to a target, including Social Media pages
  • Audience building that can significantly increase revenues and branding
  • Improve Comscores
  • Build an avid viewer base
    • Optimize traffic through a PPC campaign with relevant headlines and text ads
    • Employ sophisticated filter sets
    • Analyze traffic as it lands on target, then weed and cull out poor performing traffic to find truly interested visitors
    • Re-Target


There are several techniques, campaign strategies, and specialized methodologies that TBD employs to achieve these results, and a combination of techniques needs to be customized for every client’s individual goals. With respect to Leveraged Traffic Marketing, the process can be classified as a mix of the following:


  • Optimize traffic through a PPC campaign with relevant headlines and text ads
  • Employ sophisticated filter sets
  • Analyze traffic as it lands on target, then weed and cull out poor performing traffic to find truly interested visitors
  • Re-Target

The Tech BD Difference


Tech BD incorporates sophisticated site traffic analysis into its methodology, with multiple analytic schemes and the experience to provide a much fuller and effective picture of your site, and a thus a much better understanding of what it takes to be successful. We systematically evaluate the audience as they arrive and optimize for those visitors with the greatest propensity to stay the longest and come back.


Start with relevance, cost-efficiency, and determined ROI ratios


Tech BD begins by determining the “value per viewer” of each visitor to the target, and engaging a PPC (pay-per–click) search campaign that uses relevant, topic-related text ads to seed with a high degree of interested visitors. The impression load of each page and content piece must be pre-determined in order to build the appropriate margin between the viewer buy and the impression sell. A core expertise of TBD is knowing the right audiences to buy that fit the expected returns.


Filter well…….


We then make certain of the use of state of the industry filter sets to insure the desired traffic groups. In this way, our goal is to insure a relatively immediate CPM income base, and block all use of bots or auto-run simulators that skew value to ad networks and advertisers and give corrupted data reports.


Analyze, analyze, analyze


Watching and analyzing is the name of the game. Through the use of multiple analytic schemes, we determine quickly what the viewer patterns are and develop a dynamic profile of traffic. This is not only critical in determining numbers, but more importantly behaviors as a response and function of particular content pieces and overall messaging. In this way, the target site continues to be improved and becomes more and more relevant, thus creating an enhanced audience experience leading to satisfied viewers that want to return. This in turn, creates revenue and response to “call-to-actions”.


Weeding, culling, and re-targeting


From a strictly numbers approach, we want to know whose staying, what they’re watching (and just as importantly - what they’re NOT watching or turning away from), and who is coming back. By building that silo, we can re-target the avid fans with increased conversion expectations, higher CPM’s, and then seek to promote more growth through diversification in content and product offerings


The bottom line….


The net result of this system allows Tech BD to assist in building a predictive, dynamic revenue model that is continually course-corrected until the desired results are achieved. And…. this approach generally facilitates revenue far exceeding that which is derived by random chance, hope, or luck, a.k.a “building it and they will come”.


Process summary


The process occurs in the following order:

  • Target and goals are determined
  • Cost per unique is agreed upon and insertion order placed (how many, where, and what time period
  • Ads are written and approved
  • Tags inserted for ad networks, impression selling begins
  • Traffic is monitored and analyzed
  • Weeding and culling
  • Evaluation and reports
  • Course-correcting
  • Re-targeting
  • Next insertion order, process begins again


This process is best served by starting with a “test group.” A minimal spend is deployed using the process above to arrive upon a predictable cost per click (cpc). That cpc can then be used to determine proper ROI, expectations and media buying for larger campaigns.


Whether you are interested in targeted campaigns, branding traffic, CPC, LTM, CPA, or any number of other marketing strategies, Tech BD knows the right people and agencies to help you achieve your goals, and to accomodate your budget.