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Multi-Platform Video, Audio, Graphic, and Text Distribution

In the ever-changing, dynamic landscape of entertainment viewing, there are seminal events occurring in the mediums and methods by which consumers enjoy their video and audio programming. Since the earliest days of digital media in the ‘90’s and the beginnings of media through IP (the Internet), the promise of “Media Anywhere”, i.e., “what you want, when you want it, where you want it” has been largely a pledge unfulfilled.


It is only in the last four or five years that this assertion has become supported by the integrated tools and infrastructure needed to truly create reality from the dream.


Technology has caught up.


High-throughput, ubiquitous, reliable, and inexpensive IP bandwidth is upon us. Cellular bandwidth, tower locations, signal efficiency, handshaking, and coverage have become optimized to allow a compelling video experience on a mobile device. Smartphones with large, impressive screens are rapidly deploying in the marketplace. Adding to the mix, devices such as the iPad, notebook PC’s, and a myriad of small, potent media devices have all converged with cell phones, game boxes, and more to give virtually everyone an opportunity to have a portable TV Screen with striking image quality at an affordable cost, becoming an extension of their home entertainment viewing experience.


Within major media companies, new technologies are not often given the chance to complement each other in order to create the perfect revenue storm that such companies hope for, particularly as a result of legacy, inter-departmental conflicts and obligations.


And sometimes, large companies can miss the technology significances entirely until it’s almost too late. In the MP3 revolution, as well as IBM’s 1980s failure to understand the role and value of software operating systems in relation to hardware, the lack of technological understanding and ability to deftly re-position became very costly mistakes to the established incumbents. This opened up huge opportunities to newcomers. Nokia today is undergoing a similar fate, having to painfully watch as their position of leadership in mobile phone manufacturing has been turned upside down by Apple and Google - tech companies never previously associated with cell phones. It is significant that with all the resources, content ownership and tremendous branding that media companies enjoy, it was Apple that created the dominant position in digital music and turned the business on its head with the iPod and iTunes.


As is true with every new technology-driven trend, in the initial explosion of activities to gain market share, gaps in the marketplace become evident. We recognize that the above-mentioned combination of technology and access has created such a gap, as well as a huge opportunity to win in the marketplace.


Tech BD understands deeply that innovative, nimble, tech-driven companies that own and/or control content; know their dedicated audience and how to reach them; fully comprehend the new technologies and how to innovate and use them; and understand how to powerfully aggregate and deliver ad sales and other revenue-generating opportunities on all platforms, have a considerable advantage today in becoming a dominant Multiplatform provider.


A big part of our mission is to help you with all of that.


Tech BD the Company offers a turn-key opportunity for media publishers who desire to enter the world of digital multiplatform distribution, that they can own and control.


We accomplish this in part by:


  • Establishing Connective Advertising as the preeminent way for advertisers to reach consumers


  • Expanding viewership through innovative distribution and marketing across VOD, broadband, social media, mobile, and gaming platforms


  • Leveraging the experience and success of our team


  • Leveraging existing relationships in cable and other mediums to create new networks for other content owners and publishers with partial solutions


Tech BD has built a team of veteran professionals, thoroughly proven in the industry and skilled in the understanding and utilization of the new technologies in marketing, program production and content distribution through multiple platforms.


The potential also exists in IP delivery for multiple streams of revenue, generally consisting of Product/Service Sales, Subscriptions, and Advertising.  Any or all of these can include Affiliate Sales in innovative ways. 


With regard to Advertising, revenue can generated by several methods, including Connective Advertising and works in the following way:


  • Advertising can be embedded into the video with up to 7 unique “Connective Advertising” formats

  • Distributing the video with embedded advertising across multiple on-demand and broadcast platforms
  • Keeping advertising and video together as an integral unit, regardless of the viewing environment


In addition, Tech BD has assembled a top-notch team of ad sales professionals with years of linear broadcasting and internet sales experience, and who have become the pioneers of successful connective advertising demonstrated over the years.