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Tactical and Strategic Business Development

Have you developed the right targeted content, technology, distribution, and marketing partners to have an advantage? Most often, new media companies lack one or more of the essential elements to improve their ability to generate revenue, become self-sustaining, and then profitable. In the ever-changing, complex media world of the digital age, great tactical and strategic partners can make all the difference.


It goes beyond cross-linking and off-the-shelf affiliations. Manufacturers, apps creators, tech companies, channel partners… all of these and more look for ways to incorporate content with their products and services in order to influence how, where, and why consumers watch, listen, read, and interact with their information. Knowing who and where those partners are, as well as their appropriateness and relevance to your content, product, or service is a specialty of Tech BD, with over 15+ years in making these kind of relationships and deals.


We have a long history or working in and with Telcos, Major Studios and Networks, Cable and Satellite Operators, Radio Stations, and media publishers to integrate cutting edge technologies and marketing methods to provide a stable, predictive revenue structure and uniqueness to your business.




Nowhere is this wedding of content, technology, and marketing more crucial than in the emerging world of Transmedia Storytelling, where content and characters live in a multiplatform, immersive world that is interconnected. Beyond the storytelling is the business, and the necessity to provide fertile ground for return of investment. The sequencing of content, rollout, cost-ratios, technology, and marketing efforts need careful planning, and Trial and Track is our buzzword in all things.


Thoughtful, strategic business development can mean the difference between success and failure, revenue returned or money lost in these types of complex efforts.