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Larry Gitlin - President

Leveraged Traffic Marketing, Tactical and Strategic Business Development,

Company Structure and Growth


Larry is a business executive whose career represents over 15 years of hands-on operational experience as well the creation and implementation of advanced strategies in entertainment media, including Digital Media, Traditional Television, Film, Satellite and Terrestrial Transmission, Telecom, Cellular and Mobile, and IP/Internet distribution. He began his career working in Hollywood for over 12 years as a Production Manager, Line Producer, and Producer in television, film, commercials, and video and became a member of the Director’s Guild as well as the TV Academy and the Producer's Guild.


Larry then went on to perform senior-level company-building, management, operations, strategic and tactical analysis, content acquisition and negotiation, business development, media-based product development, marketing/sales, as well as advertising strategies for companies in the Fortune 100 as well as startups.


He served as an executive at INTERVU, the company credited with the innovation of the Distributed Content Delivery Network (D-CDN), and he pioneered several Internet “firsts” while there in IPTV production, transmission, and distribution. He headed up the key relationships with several major TV networks, including NBC, Turner, Showtime, and others during that time.


He was the senior project manager on VideoSeeker, a joint NBC-INTERVU web product that was among the very first internet video search engines. INTERVU was purchased by Akamai Technologies for approximately $3 billion in 2000. He joined Qwest Communications in 2001 serving as VP of Corporate Business Development, creating and launching two $100+ Million business product suite trials, and later served as VP of Business Development at ZVUE, helping to create one of the largest digital media networks in the world. ZVUE went public two years after Larry joined the firm.


Most recently, Larry has been focused on financing, company creation, managment consulting, audience building, and marketing digital businesses, including Internet TV Channels, Record Labels, Game Companies, and Social Network Product Companies.


Jonathon Barbato - Leveraged Traffic Marketing, Business Development


Jonathon Barbato has over 25 years in television and digital media experience, including running the marketing divisions for a major studio and cable network; being a founding partner in two Internet media ventures; and running his own company focused on monetizing the digital space and driving traffic to entertainment websites.


Barbato co-founded and was the third largest shareholder of Ripe Digital, an entertainment company which launched three networks on television, the Internet and on mobile (RipeTV, OctaneTV and Barbato played a key role in raising the $50 million in investment Ripe secured from Hearst, Time Warner and others; secured the distribution from Comcast, Time Warner, Insight, Mediacom and others; acquired over 2500 hours of content for the company and has played a pivotal role in online traffic building (SEO, SEM and interactive), marketing, and brand development. He has also distributed the brand across mobile carriers (Sprint, Helio, MobiTV) and other digital platforms (iPod, PSP), played a role in structuring the networks’ unique advertising formats (which sold over $15 million of inventory to key brands like Proctor & Gamble, Daimer/Chrysler and EASports) and sales strategy and wrote the subsequent business plans used for funding.


Prior to that, Barbato was head of the Starz movie channel marketing efforts which launched Starz On Demand as the first VOD (Video On Demand) pay network. He was VP and Head of Marketing for MGM Television and served in several other executive roles in the domestic and international TV syndication industry. His responsibilities covered the full gamut of on-air spot production, affiliate & trade promotions, direct-to-consumer branding & marketing, convention planning/support, collateral material generation, research and general marketing support.


It was his leadership that launched the following brands: RipeTV; OctaneTV; Starz On Demand; Outer Limits; LAPD; Poltergeist; Stargate; Mad About You (Int’lly); Seinfeld (Int’lly); Dallas (Int’lly); Married With Children (Int’lly); and literally hundreds of others.


Geoffrey H. Mulligan – Interactive Entertainment Advisor


Geoff is a results-oriented executive with over 30 years experience in sales, operations, distribution and marketing management with consumer entertainment (boxed and online) and internet technology companies ranging from startup to Fortune 500.


Currently Geoff is COO the North American operations of privately held Deep Silver / Koch Media GmBH. one of the largest entertainment media publishers and distributors in the world.


He has served at various times as CEO, President, COO, and Sr. VP with companies such as Activision, , Acclaim Entertainment, GX Media, (, Konami Digital Entertainment


Geoff was President of Codemasters, Inc., Universal City, CA, a $200m worldwide publisher of digital entertainment software. He was originally recruited to establish a North American sales marketing, and distribution organization. While there, he built the operations and finance teams, established multi-million dollar partnerships with Warner Brothers Home Entertainment, and created full, multi-year, business plans, including marketing budgets in excess of $25 million.


Geoff also served as COO of Konami Digital Entertainment America, Redwood City, CA, a $2.3B global multi-media entertainment company. Brought in to restructure North American operations, he restructured product development, sales, marketing, and operations departments, developed online gaming, and the marketing strategy and plan. He had  full North American P&L responsibility, and increased net revenues 198% and net profits 320% from 2002 to 2006. He was also appointed to lead US product development strategy, lead the negotiations, and was senior level contact with all 1st party licensees, including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Yahoo!, and Google.


Recently, Geoff was a consultant to Yahoo!, Inc, reporting to the CMO to help create and implement new on-line games strategy. He also reviewed business models in advertising/sponsorship, micro-transactions, subscription/premium mode, relationships with Playfish, SGN, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga.